Restoring and Re-modelling that classic car

16 May

Restoring and Re-modelling that classic car

Do you own a classic car in need of repairs?

Check out the price of restored models similar to yours and work out whether you deem it viable to repair that beauty to its former glory.

The value of collectible cars are ever increasing and the parts for repairs are ever diminishing in some models. Consider fixing it? Need help?

Wilson’s Panel Works can help. We have a state of the art paint and panel shop with all the tools and gadgets to get the job done.

Restoring on a budget?

Keep money aside for a professional paint job to finish the vehicle as this is ultimately what sets it apart.

Expect to take about a year to restore a classic car. Don’t try and rush the project. Always take time to locate the cheapest sources for parts before you buy. Keep in mind the time it takes to find and install these parts in order.

Your project can be tho most fun you have in years if you budget for the repairs. This is a long term undertaking and with the reward being a classic one of a kind vehicle that is all yours, nothing is more worth the effort.


Let us know if you need help with your project.

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