16 May

Restoring and Re-modelling that classic car

Do you own a classic car in need of repairs? Check out the price of restored models similar to yours and work out whether you deem it viable to repair that beauty to its former glory. The value of collectible cars are ever increasing and the parts for repairs are ever diminishing in some models. […]
10 Apr

WIL-TOW Falcon ute at the GC600

Car Craft Queensland again sponsored the WIL-TOW Falcon ute at the GC600 which was run in October.  It was good to see Steve Wilson up the front of the pack, however the race was cut short on Sunday after quite a number of the race utes came together in a fairly major accident, lucky for the […]
10 Apr

Excesss Plus

Excessing customer expectations absolutely! I paid my vehicle excess in the office and they presented me with a numbered Car Craft Excess Plus Certificate, which I did not expect. I was informed that Excess Plus is an exclusive insurance policy held by Car Craft Accident Repair Centres and can only be claimed through its Members. […]
20 Sep

Our difference

Wilson’s is experienced in providing reliable Panel, Refinish and Tilt Tray Transport to a variety of industries including: Building Agricultural Industrial Mining Government Private sector. We ensure our service is equally efficient and accessible whatever the distance, however remote with fully trained professional operators who are compliant with national health and safety regulations. Our Panel […]