Excesss Plus

10 Apr

Excesss Plus

Excessing customer expectations absolutely!

I paid my vehicle excess in the office and they presented me with a numbered Car Craft Excess Plus Certificate, which I did not expect.

I was informed that Excess Plus is an exclusive insurance policy held by Car Craft Accident Repair Centres and can only be claimed through its Members. The policy itself will cover up to $500 off your next at fault collision claim.

I like the fact that:

The Car Craft Excess Plus offer is simple and hassle free;
It does not matter who was driving the vehicle at the time of accident, as the policy is linked to vehicle;
It does not affect who I am insured with; as I pay the excess amount to the repairer; and
Most importantly, I do not have to outlay the money upfront and then wait to be re-imbursed.
Now I will not have to drive around with damage to my vehicle, because I can not afford to get it fixed.

When I have my next insurance claim, I can guarantee that I will be returning to a Car Craft shop, as I now have 500 good reasons to do so.

Thank you Car Craft for my Excess Plus Certificate !